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2008-10-23 01:46:47 by leaderoffheidiots

i am attempting my hardest remix's yet, seriously, these songs are hell (video 2)
i am trying to make songs from the "touhou" series music like this....

its not fun to say the least but i know the end result will be awsome

now for the question
"what is touhou?"
touhou is one of my favorite game series, it is japan only (unless you know where to get it ^^) curtain shooter game. what does that mean? check this out! see if you can do whats in the video, trust me here, i can and have (video #1)

now theres also the ones in a fighter type game, this is the game track im remixing

well there ya go, they should be up soon, please comment

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2008-10-24 15:39:12

yay 1st one to comment

leaderoffheidiots responds:

yay i GOT a comment lol


2008-10-31 06:23:01

You... Are.. GOD!!!!....

I'm a total fanboy of you... Is that good or bad I wonder?

leaderoffheidiots responds:

ive never realy been a fan of anything, but its not bad, just dont obsess

ps: yeah ive done what hes done, that actual video isnt of me however