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2008-12-07 13:58:18 by leaderoffheidiots

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well i wanted to surp[rise all of you with a new song, problem is i found the one i want to make reeeeeeeeealy badly.

why is that a problem? well any sheet music of mp3 for this song is virtualy non exsistant. well heres the song i tried to find in youtube form

(listen to it all!)


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2008-12-07 21:26:25

Umm...everyone of your songs is just hightening the pitch of the original songs. Why is that?

leaderoffheidiots responds:

ur reaaaaly not to bright, i do much more than that heres a step by step...
1. find sheet music
2. edit sheet music
3. recreate using best instaments i find
4. modify ( pitch reverb exc.)
5. master

overall songs take me 2-10 hours of pure work so please, dont make assumptions that i do just one thing.

if you truely think that that means im realy good at reacreating the orgional song