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2008-12-20 00:06:18 by leaderoffheidiots

due to recent mass critisism and mispeculation of my work i am as of now retired from music making,
my old songs will still be up and from now on i will not respond to reviews

many people have misjudged my work as theft, this is simply a lie that could be assumed through an untrained ear. i reconstructed each song from its sheet music, made it into an mp3 then edited it.
apperantly there is no place for me here.

see dragon roost island song submission reviews for what whas the last straw



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2008-12-24 20:21:31

NO!!! Please don't.... Your a game remix god! Don't quit..Please..... T-T


2008-12-28 12:44:12

I read the review from Dragon roost island. I am guessing he might have found them to exact same because they were both copies of your song :)
He or she was probably upset they could not do as good a song as yours.
If you are going to stop doing music thats your choice, but just know that you were very good at it, and you might want to continue doing it, maybe just not posting it on Newgrounds.

Be cool,



2009-01-04 01:05:35

Oh damn. I didn't read this and read the dragon roost review first. Sorry.


2009-01-08 08:37:26

I feel quite sad you have to go. I do like your works, remixing music gets a lot of borderline attention, though I see it as a way to further promote the original.


2009-01-18 19:16:54

Aww, don't leave. I really liked your touhou audio submissions.


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