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I have recently been reviewd by a few people that my remixes take no effort or time
either that; or there the song itself stolen now let me show just how wrong you idiots are

all of my actual fans need not read past this point

1. They are REMIX"S! they are MENT to sound like the song or be variations of the song itself! I give credit to the origonal authors and obey the legal code so get the hell off my back!

2. Effort? EFFORT!?! i work VERY hard on my submissions often working between 1-5 days to complete a single one!
one of the more popular artists in the audio portal is chao-guy,
he is well acclaimed while he admits to being nothing but an MDI remixer, much like I am. give me the same respect you give him as we work the same amount.

and therefore, effort matters not, it is the END PRODUCT that matters.
Listen to the song itself and vote THAT

3. To all negitive comments and "well, your just wrong" answers. you have the right to be that way.
unfortunatly, the law of remixing holds as long as i give credit and submit it under a simmilar title to the orgonal piece. I remix for my love of music and soon will make more of my origonal works

thank you for your time and forgive all spelling mistakes

bored so here ya go

2008-09-26 22:15:33 by leaderoffheidiots

madness day submission


other stuffs,

[img] 7/1795/156922jx6.jpg[/img]

[img] 7/7949/156922tk4.jpg[/img]

[img] 6/5487/156922uh2.jpg[/img]

do do dod dododododoooooooooo
dododooooooo dododododoooooooooooooooo

oh! em, well im listening to music instead of making it for the moment so yeah,ill take on requests though, and be shure to check out my new banjo kazooie song

goofin off and 50hrs of work

2008-09-13 18:45:30 by leaderoffheidiots

yeah, so i cant make songs right now, to de-stress i play grandchase ( )
under the name xanaxus, so im not makin music now from release of patchy song

yeah im a lvl 41 warlcok, weeeee


2008-09-01 16:14:10 by leaderoffheidiots

i gots me an xbox360!
... no red rings yet! and im doin everything i should to keep it that way!

LOVING cASTLE CRASHERS.... I need somone to co-op with though

busy away from NG

2008-08-29 20:52:24 by leaderoffheidiots

yeah, im trying to get cheap xbox 360 offa ebay to play castle crashers, banjo kazooie 3 and other stuff, if you want to do me a favor please mail one to me hahaha

Ok ill have random songs of randomness comin out a list of games im gonna remix, top being most songs bottom meaning least

sonic da headgehog= about 6
twilight princess= about 4
papermario door-ff4-tales of symphonia= 1 each

now get off my back and have a nice day!

Windfall out!

2008-08-24 00:14:19 by leaderoffheidiots /167482

i remix other nintendo songs so pm for requests ( i may do em!)

Windfall comin up!

2008-08-23 18:13:45 by leaderoffheidiots

worked for over 2 weeks on this tune! has simmilar traits and qualitys to dragon roost remi so be shure to check it out when it comes!

as a guideline heres dragon roost----- /166994

well here are my first wind waker remix's! i will have more! currently im fufilling requests but once i post that im free go ahead and gimme work! /166994 dragon roost island! /166800 molgera on speed con queso!