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2008-08-16 22:41:14 by leaderoffheidiots

I am now in the process of making new wind waker tracks, all requests are welcome

and just for fun heres a link to somthing i had no part in making whatsoever!

FFTA2 remix's coming!

2008-08-06 18:30:11 by leaderoffheidiots

i just got a new CD for FFTA2 grimoire of the rift,
so ill be makin those songs now......................
ANY requests are welcome


2008-06-24 09:51:25 by leaderoffheidiots

well my 2-a-day submissions have now ended ill still put stuff up maybe but when i have time to make it.
also not that from the 27th to the 4th i wont be on my computer at all

2-a-day every day

2008-06-21 11:51:23 by leaderoffheidiots

well every day until i go on vacation ( a week from now) ill put up two new songs that i had in my banks up onto newgrounds.

seince the cyberangle suite went horribly im gonna stick to classic techno and trance.

lol why do i care? nobodys gonna read this!

well ive got 4 songs so far and 2 more are commin tommorow........
if you need some music for flash or just have a curious ear then chack out........ /152225 /152121 /152128

please comment or pm if interested


2008-06-19 13:11:16 by leaderoffheidiots

just got music maker, i would submit all ive made but theres the blasted 2 song a day limit. ah well......

life is always this complicated......

why must it be this way?