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2009-02-15 16:21:43 by leaderoffheidiots

my music making software wont work on my new mac
even if i wanted to continue making music i couldn't now


2008-12-20 00:06:18 by leaderoffheidiots

due to recent mass critisism and mispeculation of my work i am as of now retired from music making,
my old songs will still be up and from now on i will not respond to reviews

many people have misjudged my work as theft, this is simply a lie that could be assumed through an untrained ear. i reconstructed each song from its sheet music, made it into an mp3 then edited it.
apperantly there is no place for me here.

see dragon roost island song submission reviews for what whas the last straw



2008-12-07 13:58:18 by leaderoffheidiots

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well i wanted to surp[rise all of you with a new song, problem is i found the one i want to make reeeeeeeeealy badly.

why is that a problem? well any sheet music of mp3 for this song is virtualy non exsistant. well heres the song i tried to find in youtube form

(listen to it all!)

now introducing another creation ( go back one post to see the failboat)

teh roflcopter!

another fine craft of 1337

heres a blueprint

2008-11-27 17:01:06 by leaderoffheidiots

been making banjo kazooie vehicles so heres my personal favorite,
the failboat

heres a blueprint

man im hooked on games, now im a portal fanatic

2008-11-23 11:00:57 by leaderoffheidiots

man im a poral addict now, i also already made a remix of the title song with help from Jerret Heather from youtube /189758, top video explains what portal is bottom is a parody of it

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dont know what portal is and that last video fell on deaf ears?
check this one out

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yeah afk for a while, plating banjo it ruuuuules......
i was also one who got the orgional banjo and it owns too


2008-11-05 01:13:00 by leaderoffheidiots

</div>Obama wins?
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyy
( if u voted for him grats) but im kinda sad bout it

well that cheers me up a lil! same thing with this (note video swears alot, 16 and older rating)



2008-10-23 01:46:47 by leaderoffheidiots

i am attempting my hardest remix's yet, seriously, these songs are hell (video 2)
i am trying to make songs from the "touhou" series music like this....

its not fun to say the least but i know the end result will be awsome

now for the question
"what is touhou?"
touhou is one of my favorite game series, it is japan only (unless you know where to get it ^^) curtain shooter game. what does that mean? check this out! see if you can do whats in the video, trust me here, i can and have (video #1)

now theres also the ones in a fighter type game, this is the game track im remixing

well there ya go, they should be up soon, please comment

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2008-10-16 01:01:17 by leaderoffheidiots

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dont know how to mave a video so just click on the link ...
its like a train wreak you cant look away.....

ps. this has relevance because i am attempting to remic the song in the background
(sorry no "dan dan dan dan dananananan dan dan duuu!", no "koreka koreaka" either"

this is what happens when ronald mcDonald trains for street figher, while maintaining his hipnotic advertising to japan and america